A Mother's Day Gift

Yatta is an orphan suffering in Liberia who has been adopted by Patricia Lockhart, Humanitarian Relief Chair of the Staten Island Liberian Community Association (SILCA) and the President of the Boimah Cooper Memorial Fund.

Ms Lockhart has adopted little Yatta in memory of the late Boimah Cooper. Three years ago, on a relief mission to Liberia with George Curtis, President of SILCA, Ms. Lockhart found little Boimah left to die under a tree. The child was rushed to America for life saving surgery. While in America, Boimah adopted Ms. Lockhart as his American “mommy”. During his stay he would pray for his little best friend (sister) Yatta to come live in America.

Since Boimah's death in February 2006, Ms Lockhart has developed a non profit organization in his memory in order to someday build a school, clinic and playground in Liberia. She continues to send relief shipments as well.

After spending her life savings, obtaining loans and working extra jobs to pay for costs, Ms Lockhart will finally meet her new adopted daughter on May 11th Mothers' Day! She will meet her at the home of Mr Curtis around 6 or 7pm. Once again she has managed to fulfill Boimah's dreams...

Note: Ms Lockhart's mother died on Mothers Day at the stroke of midnight in 2001. Fate has it that Yatta Johnson Lockhart was born in 2001 and is meeting Ms Lockhart on Mothers' Day....

At right: Yatta meets with Mayor Bloomberg. She was thrilled to meet the Mayor, whom Boimah loved.