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 Abdul Hafiz
Boimah with "Mommy"
Patricia Lockhart
Dear Friends of Boimah,

The Boimah Cooper Memorial Fund is now officially a registered 501c3 nonprofit organization. The Fund is dedicated to realizing Boimah's spirited dream for Vincent Town, where his body now rests. In Boimah's name, we will create a school, playground, health clinic, and park there.

Boimah would often talk to me about his home village. He would say things like, "Mommy, I want to help my village. I want to bring them food, and clothes. They should have a nice school. And playgrounds. And doctors. And Christmas toys."

You can help. You can donate right here at your computer - just click the "donate now" link below.If you prefer to donate by check, make your check out to Boimah Cooper Memorial Fund and send to 50 Dongan Hills Ave 2B, Staten Island NY 10306, Attn: Patricia Lockhart.
Patricia Lockhart
 YouTube Video Tribute to Boimah by Abdul Hafiz 
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